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Translation, Localization, Transcreation & Copywriting – What’s the Difference?

Translation, Localization, Transcreation & Copywriting – What’s the Difference?

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At Pangea Global, we offer a wide range of content services to ensure we meet the needs of all of our clients. At the top of the list are professional translations, localization, transcreation and copywriting.
If you’re new to this industry and not sure what the differences are between these services, worry no more as this article is about to break down how each practice compares – and which one you’ll need!


Translation involves replacing words in one language with the equivalent words in another language. The content needs to directly reflect the source text and provide the same meaning to readers in their native language. Translators make sure to adapt the content into another language so that it can be easily understood by the customers. While exact word-for-word translation is avoided, the linguist will also ensure not to inject any creativity. The translation must emulate the source text exactly but by using different words or phrases where translation is not possible.

Content that Needs Translation:

● Product files
Technical documents
Medical documents
Legal documents
● Manuals


Localization is generally part of the translation process; however, it is occasionally a standalone service,
too. This practice involves making sure that the translated content resonates to the targeted locale. In other words, the work needs to be understood by the foreign audience and it needs to avoid offending their culture, values and norms. There may be certain words or phrases that might be accepted by one region, but shunned by another; or particular colours or symbols may represent something offensive by the receiving reader. Localization therefore involves adapting these elements and making sure the content is suitable and local to its target market.

Content that Needs Localization:

Website content
Applications & Platforms
Video Games
e-Learning documents
● Graphic images & icons


This is a service that usually goes unmissed by many clients and creates confusion. Transcreation involves the usual translation process but with an additional creative twist. As the name suggests, it’s a blend between “translation” and “creation”. For example, Pangea Global uses native translators who are also creative copywriters. They will translate your work and add their own creativity, whilst promising to maintain the existing tone, style and intent of your content. The work will be translated to meet a native audience, but it will be embedded with creativity and cultural knowledge from the transcreator.

Content that Needs Transcreation:

● Marketing materials
● Advertising texts
● Stories
● e-Learning documents
● Blog posts


Copywriting services are offered to clients who want to publish original and engaging content. Unlike translation, localization and transcreation, copywriting involves creating work from scratch. There is no source text involved, and only a style guide and a brief is used by the writer to create the copy. Pangea Global’s writers for instance, will use your required tone, style and level of creativity to create copy that reaches out to your potential customers and offers them a valuable read. Copywriting can be achieved in any language to ensure that it attracts global audiences.

Content that Needs Copywriting:

● Articles & blog posts
● Website content
● Marketing materials
● Press releases & reviews
● Social media content
If you’re looking to adapt your content or create copy for multilingual audiences, get in touch and we’ll let you know which service is suitable.
Translation company, Pangea Global puts quality first and promises to produce great content that speaks to different cultures and boosts your business across borders.
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