At Pangea, we want to help you venture into various global territories with great content that speaks to different cultures and boosts your business across borders.

We offer professional Translation services in more than 60 languages, across a wide range of industries.


High Quality Translation

Our linguists are all professional, experienced and knowledgeable writers who are not only language experts but specialists in their fields, too. We don’t just translate – we make sure that all content is adapted and local to its target market, using the accurate lingo, phrases, terminology and idioms. We also provide Daily Delivered Translations – you receive projects as often and regular as you like!

Simplified Translation Process

Long gone are the days of copy-pasting into the HTML or CMS, we simplify the workflow and speed up the process by using cutting-edge CMS integration through plug-ins or API. Once we translate your content, it’s automatically transferred directly to your CMS. No time wasted, making the workflow easier for the both of us.

Fast Turnaround & Competitive Pricing

The clock is constantly ticking at Pangea! We work fast, hard and on-time to ensure quick turnaround at competitive rates. How do we do that? We provide a dedicated Translation Memory for every individual client. Not only does it increase quality, but it also ensures consistency in the brand’s tone and style and assures you of quicker results and a discount in the final translation price.

What is Translation Memory, Anyway?

Translation Memory (TM) is not a form of machine translation.

It is a database technology that stores and manages “repeatable” words and phrases for reuse in future projects. Repeated words and previous translated text, are used as a reference to the translators, so they can ensure translation is conducted under the same style and terminology.

Also, anything that is found in the TM is charged at a lower rate, which will in turn reduce the overall cost of your translation and ensure accuracy and brand consistency.


Translation is no easy process!
It requires skill, expertise, time, effort and research.
Our linguists follow quality and technological standards by using a translation checklist when taking on a new project.

Who Do We Translate For?

We translate content so that it is industry-specific and localized for each target market. Our linguists are experts in a variety of fields including:

What Content Do We Translate and Localize?

Website Translation
• Document & Report Translation
• Article and Blog Post Translation
• Slogan, Banner and Landing Page Translation
• Brochure, Leaflet and Manual Translation
• Presentation and Utility Bills Translation
Sworn and Certified Translations

What’s Involved in Translation?

 • Proofreading, • Market Research,

 • Transcreation, • Editing, • XML,

 • Style Guide, • XTM, QA,

 • Terminology Glossary, • XLIFF,

 • Translation Management System,



• Build Trust & Value
• Expand to a Global Market
• Gain Competitive Advantage
• Overcome Cultural Barriers
• Increase ROI

Did You Know?

More than half of all Google searches are in languages other than English.

90% of EU internet users favour a website in their own language.

42% of them will not buy products or services if information isn’t available in their native language.