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Pangea Localization Services

At Pangea, we know SEO like the back of our palms. From articles to web-page text, our SEO-trained writers will create and optimise your content in many languages so that it thrives in search engines.

Carefully applied and accurately performed search engine optimisation will attract and convert customers. Our local SEO experts know what it takes to impress Google and Bing in your territory and help your content rank highly.

We also produce marketing materials like mailers and landing pages, to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Our marketing copywriters produce messages that capture, engage, and persuade your readers, turning them into loyal customers.

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Marketing Content We Specialise In

• Mailers • Banners
• Landing Pages
• Slogans • Taglines
• PR & Sponsored Content
• Affiliate Reviews
• Social media Content


Well-written, optimised, and valuable content in various languages won’t just help you climb the SEO ranking ladder, it also helps you establish a strong international presence and increases ROI.

“SEO is an essential aspect of any online operation”

Keeping you Ahead of the Game with Multilingual SEO Copywriting Services

Our SEO content specialists effortlessly incorporate the most important keywords into your text. No matter your language or niche, we keep you ahead of the competition by producing engaging, edgy content that is optimised for search engines like Google.

Want your website to serve multiple or local territories? Our multilingual SEO-friendly copywriting services will ensure that your brand is visible, ranks highly in international search engines and ultimately drives traffic and encourages conversions. Get in touch to learn more about our SEO web copywriting services!


“Content is king, backlinks are queen. We write engaging SEO content that will earn quality backlinks.”


“When you add another language to your website, you are in effect, creating a site that is separate from your current one.
Google sees these sites as separate and not as duplicate or cloaked content”

What’s Involved in SEO & Marketing Content?

• Keywords • Marketing copy
• Local SEO    • Optimization
• Meta Data  • SERP  • AdWords
• Inbound   /  Outbound link
• Mailer writing      • Organic

• SEO website copywriting

10 Reasons why SEO is Worth It

            • Attract targeted audiences

            • Increase in traffic

            • Heightened conversion rates

            • Build brand credibility

            • Better ROI

            • Improved search engine rankings

            • Cost-effective marketing

            • Increased site usability

            • Explore new markets

            • Bypass competition



If  you  plan on  reaching  global  audiences,  you  need to  make  sure  that your  marketing copy is  adapted to local cultures.  Pangea  can write your content from scratch so that it is available in your audience’s native language.