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Whether it’s a mobile application or a gaming/financial platform that requires quality translation and localization services, we’re the ones to professionally pull it off!

Pangea has a proficient team of linguists and localizers who have vast experience in translating your content and ensuring that your design elements and functionality resonate with an international audience.

With a blend of translation and localization, your app or platform can cross international borders and attract new, overseas clients.

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“Localize your app and watch your downloads grow by overseas users. Then watch your international revenue amplify, too.”

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How Does it Work?

Need to translate your iGaming platform for a fresh market? Are you trying to attract foreign markets with your mobile application?

Pangea Global will adapt the user interface and functionality of your app and platform as though it was originally created for multilingual markets.

Don’t worry! Everything stays the same. We just change the linguistic and cultural aspects of your product!

We Put Quality First

We’ll perform a QA to ensure that your platform or app translation has been accurately translated and implemented, making sure all elements in your UI are precise and free of errors.

Your Platform Style Guide Matters!

Our team of iGaming localizers will follow your instructions to a T.
We translate all elements of platforms and apps including menus, commands, item descriptions and dialog boxes!

Countries With The Most App Downloads

CountryTotal Downloads
United States3,333,197,400
United Kingdom502,609,100

What's Involved in this Service?

                        • Translation

• Translation  • Localization
• Flash and HTML5 integration
QA & Testing
Graphic Design services