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Translate your website in 70+ languages and dialects with ease, up to your speed. Count on Pangea translation and localization experts to ensure your message is communicated in the easiest and most efficient way possible to your international users, no matter your target market. Our website translation services have helped 250+ international brands to secure a leading position in their line of industry and create a bold and strong identity across borders.

To get you market-ready, our native linguists and subject matter experts blend a series of techniques, creativity, and industry know-how that surfaces in every piece of content they create. Are you ready to go global?

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    Increase your outreach with a multilingual website

    Increase your outreach with a multilingual website

    Grow your business internationally with a multilingual website that converts. No matter the size of your project, Pangea Global can translate your website, blog, landing pages, gaming, eCommerce platform, or product descriptions, user guides, and much more. No matter your industry, our local linguists will provide top quality website translation services, paying close attention to cultural finesse and local colour.

    Integrate with any content management system

    Integrate with any content management system

    To minimise the churn and downtime, our API system allows us to connect directly to your CMS so you get to see your localized website in the making. Once you approve it, it goes live – and you can start counting registrations.

    Website translation with a difference

    Quality is our middle name. Following the guidelines of ISO 17100 standard for translation services, we take pride in adding the extra strokes that make you shine, no matter your target market.

    Consistency & accuracy

     We use high-end technology solutions ranging from advanced CAT tools and Translation Memory to a robust Translation Management System to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to translation accuracy. Born storytellers, bloggers, and journalists, our native linguists ensure that your website is translated accurately while remaining consistent with the style and tone of voice.

    Fast turnaround

    We know that localizing your website to a new market is an ongoing race against time. Every minute counts. That’s why our translators and copywriters work side-by-side and around the clock so you can go to market right on time.

    Top quality

     Our unique combination of human translation with translation technology and tailored workflows guarantees top-quality website translation, ensuring the smoothest user journey from onboarding to check-out. Furthermore, our multilingual success managers will liaise with your content and localization teams to make sure everything goes as planned.

    Technical prowess

    We have the skill and the tools to get you market-ready. Once the translation process is completed, our DTP specialists will add the final aesthetic strokes to your website, making sure the pitch-perfect copy is enhanced by a professional look and feel.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    The first step in conquering new markets is to communicate your message clearly in the local language. Market research shows that 75% of the web searches worldwide are made in the local language. Therefore, by making your content available in multiple languages increases your outreach, making your goods or services relevant to a wider pool of potential users worldwide.

    The most frequently used languages in website translation and localization are English, Spanish, and Chinese (traditional + simplified), according to Internet World Stats. Of course, these vary per industry as follows:

    Video gaming: Chinese (traditional + simplified), Japanese, Korean, and German.

    Financial services: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, and Turkish.

    iGaming, casino and poker websites: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional + simplified), German, French, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil and other languages and dialects spoken in India, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English (UK, Australia, US), and Russian.

    • Service type. Human translation vs machine translation, or a combination of both. When leveraged by advanced CAT tools like XLIFF, XTM, XML, Translation Memory, human translation supersedes machine translation in terms of accuracy and consistency.
    • Make sure you understand the translation agency’s processes and workflows right from the start. This will help you set clear expectations and deadlines.
    • Professional teams. ISO certification is often a quality stamp for the translation service. It’s advisable to choose an ISO-certified agency to translate your website. This will guarantee the end result will be top-quality.

    SEO is an intrinsic part of website translation, playing a crucial role in brand visibility. When translating your website into another language, you need to tick off one more box – keywords. To ensure your website is searchable in your target market, a minute localized SEO analysis and keyword research are required as a preliminary step in the website translation process.