Museums & Tourist Attractions

When visiting attractions, tourists prefer to listen to audio guides and watch tourist videos in their native language. This ensures customer satisfaction, and your story can be appreciated by a wide range of international visitors.

Pangea provides translation and localization services to tourist establishments, museums, and tour guides. Whether you require voice over localization services , video, or app localization, we offer these services in over 60 languages, helping you target tourists from anywhere in the world.

Our linguists, localizers and voice over artists at Pangea make sure your audio guides and videos meet the demands of your tourists. By using our museum and tourism translation services, not a single language will go unmissed.

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“Make your digital guide accommodate your visitors in their native language.”

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Globalization is rife! The tourism industry must offer their multimedia content in any language to complement the visitor experience.

Benefits of our Tourism & Museum Translation Services

• Target tourists from all over the world

• Satisfy tourists of all languages

• Provide a fun, engaging and entertaining visitor experience

• Build a mental picture of each object in your attraction

• Leave a long-lasting, good impression on your visitors

Services Offered for this Industry

• Script translation

               • Script translation
               • Voice over localization
               • Script proofreading
               • Audio & Video

               • QA & Testing

               • Localized Design

Materials we Translate

 • Audio guides
• Audio guides
• Video guides
• Mobile applications
• Travel videos
• Website content
Marketing content

“The visitor can enjoy a uniquely-tailored experience in their native language when interacting with the attraction sites.”

Our Tips

Our Tips

Target Your Largest Audience

If your attraction receives most of its tourists from certain countries, make sure your multimedia targets these locales. A general rule of thumb – always offer your content in English alongside secondary languages.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Tourists like to listen to audio guides and watch tour videos in the shortest time possible. Make sure your content is short, but sweet. 1 to 2 minutes is usually enough for each clip.

Use Quality VO Artists

A translation company like Pangea will ensure your audio guides are accompanied by a voice that sounds native, professional, and entertaining. You can select an artist that suits the tone and style of your content.

Keep it Correct

Make sure the content in your audio, video or app is correct and up to date. Whenever you need to add information to your guide, let us know and we’ll have it translated for you.

We Remember to...

• Keep the translation short, sweet & simple
• Consider the culture, needs and regulations of each locale
• Use a professional, quality and talented voice over artist
• Make audio and video content entertaining and engaging
• Be aware of terminology, phrases and industry-specific lingo
• Stick to the source content!