Hotel & Real Estate

Pangea offers translation and localization services that will help get your message communicated to multilingual audiences. Whether you belong in the hotel industry or you are a real estate company, our translators or copywriters will make sure your content reaches global customers.

Property applicants and vendors come from any country and seek real estate at any location around the world. Hotel guests also derive from international countries as they seek residence during their holidays. Our hotel and real estate translation services will ensure that you accurately and effectively reach and communicate with these global clients.

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Real Content by Real Estate Pros

We assign you with translators that have a background in real estate or the housing business, so that you can be rest assured of accurate and quality content. Correct and meticulous communications are key in an industry where nuance matters. Whether you have clients seeking homes, holiday houses, or business investments in international locations, we create content that builds relationships in multiple regions, ensuring that they receive valuable and precise information.

Greeting Guests in their Language

Pangea’s linguists can provide multilingual content in over 40 languages, making you approachable to people from all over the world. From translating your website to your leaflet, we make sure you speak the same language as your guests, helping them feel welcome and at home with your services.

“Our talented linguists are experienced realtors and hospitality gurus that can turn around punchy, actionable content to the tightest deadlines.”

Translation & Localization Services in:

• Real Estate Brochures
• Property Development Documents
• Net Leasing and Agreements
• Hotel Leaflets & Brochures
• Digital Content (i.e. websites)
• Email Marketing Campaigns

Did you know?

56.2% of customers consider information in their own language to be more important than price.