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Make an impact in a new market with a compelling brand story that speaks to consumers overseas. Pangea Global’s dedicated team of copywriters, marketers, bloggers, journalists and subject matter experts enable branding professionals and agencies to communicate their message effectively, on-brand, and in style to adapt each creative concept and message for the global market.

Whether you’re planning on creating a website, a blog post, an email, or a catchy social media post, our professional copywriters and SEO specialists will cater to your content needs. Tell us your story and leave the creative work to us. We write to impress, inspire, and help you convert more users with intelligent SEO optimisation.

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Hit the mark with carefully crafted content

Engaging international users, a problem? Not anymore. Now you can stand out to your readership with thought-provoking content, inspiring social media and email marketing copy that keeps even attention-strapped users hooked and eager for more. Remember, words have power. Harness it to create memorable stories.

Multilingual copywriting that makes every difference

Creativity is only one side of the great story of copywriting. The other is multilingualism. If you want to appeal to international audiences, approaching them in their language is the best way to build trust and generate conversions. We can help you do just that in 75+ languages and locales.

High-performing content tailored to your brand and local audience

You think it’s all been invented? Maybe, but not all has yet been said. You still have a lot to say. Our mission here at Pangea Global is to help you communicate it in the right way. Our multilingual approach to copywriting and branding allows us to create searchable, accessible, laser-focused, and culturally-adequate content, no matter your industry or target market.

Industry expertise

With a long-standing reputation in the copywriting and language services industry, we take pride in creating pitch-perfect copy and content for iGaming, finance, video gaming, eLearning, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Any format, your voice

Counting on the deft fingers and creativity of 600+ storytellers, writers and marketing experts, we juggle any content type, style or format, so your potential clients remember your story, wherever they are, however it is said.

Never second best

We are ISO-certified, so quality is our top priority. Our content QA experts ensure your content is on-message and on-brand always. From writing to editing and post-editing and CMS implementation, we cover all these steps for you to focus on what matters: counting leads.

The logistics behind it

We could never achieve this without transparent processes and procedures in place. Our project managers work closely with your marketing and branding teams to ensure that any content we translate or write from scratch reflects your vision, mission, brand message, and style.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are copywriting services?

Copywriting services include any type of creative writing such as ads, online banners, landing pages, TV ads, social media posts, and video ads promoting your products or services to raise brand awareness and call users to action.

How is copywriting different from content writing?

Very few people know the difference between copywriting and content writing. Although they both require impeccable writing skills, they serve different purposes. Copywriting relates to creating advertising content, slogans, and taglines. In contrast, content writing involves researching topics, writing thought-provoking deep dives, articles, website content, press releases, guest posts, blogs, and any other type of content intended to inform and educate.

Can content writers also create engaging copy?

It depends. Content writers usually focus on long-form content, while copywriters on catchy microcopy. However, content writers can be skilled at both microcopy and creating long-form content. Depending on your purposes and preferred style, you may opt for either type of service.

Are copywriting and content writing charged differently?

Both copywriting and content writing are priced per word. However, depending on the required level of creativity and research, the cost may vary accordingly. Typically, the more creative a piece of writing is, the higher the cost. Both copywriting and content writing have the same purpose: engage readers, inspire them, teach them, and call them to action.

UX also plays a pivotal role in how readers interact with your content. Headings and subheadings make content easier to navigate and keep readers engaged.

Our satisfied clients speak to our success


I recently used Pangea for UI translations and found the process was impeccable. Very pleased with their service, definitely recommended.

Product Manager

We have recently started working with Pangea and we are satisfied with their translations. The turnaround is fast, the price is reasonable, and based on the sampled QA we have done, the quality is very good.

Organic Growth and ASO
 JFD Brokers

Swift and exact in each project, Pangea is an everyday first-class translation provider for us in few languages. The agency is a great partner to work with. We would always recommend their services. Thanks, guys!

JFD Brokers
Content Writer

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pangea. They are professional, uber responsive, and extremely efficient with the fastest turnaround time I have ever experienced.

Chief Executive Officer

I would highly recommend Pangea Translations for an exclusive professional service. The competence of their linguists, translation quality, time, and personalized customer care are impressive.

Localization Manager
 Synot Games

Always a pleasure to work with Pangea, a very professional and flexible approach, and most importantly, great translation work.

Synot Games

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