Pangea Global can make your website accessible for multilingual audiences via its professional website translation services. We don’t just adapt the content of your site, we also modify the design elements so that they resonate with local markets.

If you are looking to present your site to customers from a variety of languages, get in touch! Our skilled linguists and localizers of over 60 languages will adjust your website appropriately for other cultures.

Our website translation services will help you provide a more user-friendly and memorable website experience to countries anywhere in the world.

“Text isn’t the only element that speaks to your customers when they visit your website.”

Web Designs for the Appropriate Culture!

Visuals speak louder than words! We have a design team that is dedicated to creating powerful localized design and visuals in any language you need for your website.


We  ensure  that  your website
is complemented by copy that
speaks  to  any  local  market.

Benefits of our Services

• Native translators
• Experts in targeted industries
• Dedicated project managers
• Editing, Proofreading & QA services
• Fast turnaround
• Competitive pricing
• Improve global market reach
• Conquer new markets

We’re Technical Gurus, too!

Planning to reach new global users with your website?

Our technical linguists and industry-specialist localizers have the competency to do it for you. Let us know which CMS you use for your website, and we’ll carry out the translation using cutting-edge CMS integration through plug-ins or API.

Once the translation and localization are complete, our team of QA specialists will check every element to ensure they have been accurately implemented.

What's Involved in this Service?

              • Translation
              • Localization
              • Flash and HTML5 integration
              • QA & testing
              • Graphic design services

“Multilingual sites are an immediate advantage for global users.”

Did you Know?

Pangea offers QA services, upon request! Once your translation is complete and incorporated into a design, you can send us the result to check that the graphics, icons, fonts, scripts and the overall layout is correct and up to standards according to your guidelines.