IT Translation Service

At Pangea Global, we deliver high-quality IT translation services for businesses in the technical sector. Our industry leading IT linguists have the skills and competence to adapt your IT content, systems and software into the appropriate languages for your target market. When you want your manuals, articles, or a particular program to attract a global market, Pangea’s services are at your disposal in over 60 languages.

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“We translate complex IT content clearly, concisely and comprehensively.”

We’re Not Just Translators, But Technical Gurus, Too!

Our linguists are proficient and fluent in the technical language! Pangea Global ensures to hire translators that have vast proven experience and educational background in the IT sphere. They understand the complex lingo that is associated with every technical sector, whether it be network security or software development. Our translators and localizers are constantly updated on industry trends and technologies, ensuring that they adapt your content with complete accuracy.

Your project will be translated by a linguist with:

•  IT terminology expertise

•  Technical, IT and software familiarity and capability

•  Fluency in source and target language

•  Excellent writing skills


Pangea Global produces translations for both engineer audiences and general audiences, too!

Our Processes

Not only are your IT translations handled by qualified linguists, they are also proofread by a second-round of translators who ensure the work meets your guidelines to a T.

The localization of software and user interfaces are also double-checked by our QA team who make sure everything has been implemented as required.

Benefits of IT Translation

• Products and services reach worldwide markets
• Gives your brand credibility abroad
• Builds trust and loyalty among clients overseas
• Keep global clients updated with the rapid pace of developments

Materials we Translate and Localize

• Manuals
• Guides
• Software
• Programs
• Patents
• Technical descriptions
• White papers
• Reviews
• PC games
• Mobile applications
• Marketing content - (articles, websites, press releases, landing pages, banners.)


We designate the right linguist for your project – fluent in the right language, industry expertise, and adequate experience for the job!