Is your ocean turning red? - Pangea Localization Services

Is your ocean turning red?

Let’s make it blue. Creating a unique identity in a heavily regulated, highly competitive industry is challenging but not impossible. Traders at heart, we are on a mission to make financial services appealing to traders and investors worldwide. And just like you, we aim to attract more of them to your platform by making your products and services culturally relevant to them.

Make your sharp entry with financial localization

Being a licensed and regulated financial services provider, transparency, direct market access, deep liquidity are only some of the perks you can offer your clients. The most important one? Do you speak their language? Making your website and investment platform available in several languages simultaneously brings you in front of more clients worldwide. We have just the perfect strategy for that.

Make your sharp entry with financial localization - Pangea Localization Services

Think local. Grow global.

Our linguists and copywriters can translate and write financial content that educates, inspires and converts – from in-depth technical analysis to thought-provoking deep dives describing how the latest political, economic and corporate decisions influence investment decisions. We speak “Finance”.

Let your voice be heard

Have a new financial website or a new fintech product that you want the world to know about? Count on us to culturally adapt your marketing message (be it in the form of website content, blog posts, or print collateral), product descriptions, video tutorials, eBooks and other educational materials to your local audience – all in 75+ languages.

Stay relevant & compliant

Standing out in an ocean of great financial content and heavily regulated industry is challenging but not impossible. With the right tools to get you market-ready and adhere to the local rules and regulations, you’re all set for success. To ensure that, we work hand-in-hand with your compliance team, follow your compliance rules and style guide. It’s your word; we just ensure it makes sense to your local audience.

Linguistic QA

We go above and beyond to ensure any financial content we translate or create is accurate, accessible, and as engaging as you want it to be. We also use advanced Translation Memory and detailed style guides to ensure laser focus.

Joining all the dots

Last but not least, we work closely with your Localization and Content teams to gather first-hand insights on your brand, tone of voice, messaging, and target audience. We also tailor our workflows to your needs. Your deadlines are our deadlines too.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Our Success Stories - Pangea Localization Services


We have recently started working with Pangea and we are satisfied with their translations. The turnaround is fast, the price is reasonable, and based on the sampled QA we have done, the quality is very good.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pangea. They are professional, uber responsive, and extremely efficient with the fastest turnaround time I have ever experienced.


I would highly recommend Pangea Translations for an exclusive professional service. The competence of their linguists, translation quality, time, and personalized customer care are impressive.


Always a pleasure to work with Pangea, a very professional and flexible approach, and most importantly, great translation work.

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