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At Pangea, we are proud to offer legal translation services for foreign-language documents. Our linguists deliver accurate, speedy and tailored translations for contracts, agreements, bank statements and more at competitive prices, with fast turnaround and the highest standard of quality.

Hundreds and thousands of legal documents travel overseas, requiring precise and specialized translations requested by courts, banks or government bodies. Avoid running into legal woes by having your documents accurately translated by our legal linguists. We understand how complex, intricate and time-sensitive the legal industry is that’s why we’re made up of the most knowledgeable, efficient and skilled translators.

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“Legal translation is a highly specialized field. It cannot be handled by translators who do not have legal expertise.”

We Know the Legal Language!

We Know the Legal Language!

Legal systems, rights and regulations differ around the world. Thankfully, we have a deep understanding of the specific legal terminology and laws used in various countries and cultures.

Our team of translators are also experts in the legal language. With a history of professional experience in the legal sector and native in their mother-tongues,Pangea’s

linguists deliver accurate legal document translation services in over 40 languages.

Certified, Sworn, Notary Translations

Certified, Sworn, Notary Translations

Whether you’re in need of a certified, sworn, notary signed or apostille translation, Pangea has the power to provide you with it. We handle your official documentations with expertise, promising to deliver high-quality translations that are accepted in their respective countries. Just tell us what you require, send us your document (which is kept strictly confidential) and we’ll get you sorted in a flash!


Industries for which translation and interpretation are most crucial are legal translation, medical translation and insurance translation.