e-Learning Translation Service

At Pangea, we provide eLearning translation services to help distribute your learning materials across borders. Whether your learners are based in Germany, Russia or China, our efficient team of translators, localizers and digital experts have the tools and skills to adapt your eLearning content in the appropriate language.

No matter your niche or industry, Pangea has got your educational material covered! From text, slideshows and all the way to videos and other multimedia content, you can hand it over to us and we’ll promise to deliver a localized product that’s suitable overseas.

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“We’re the ones to help your overseas students, trainees or employees benefit from your educational content.”

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What is e-Learning, anyway?

eLearning is the process of providing education or training online via
a variety of digital methods such as videos, graphics, slideshows or audio.
These materials are created on specific systems and they provide a fun,
interactive and exciting way to be educated.

eLearning is an extremely fast-growing industry among businesses and
schools worldwide. If you want to teach and train foreign students or
trainees by giving them access to your eLearning materials, make sure
they’re localized first using Pangea’s unbeatable eLearning localization services.


Not only do schools use eLearning but organisations do, too!
eLearning is affordable, fun, interactive and it can be used to educate people virtually no matter their geographical location!

Why Localize eLearning Materials?

Want to localize your eLearning project? Great! Pangea’s team can help you open doors to new, international markets by adapting its context and graphics according to your targeted locale.

Some of your lingo, terminology, symbols and imagery might be suitable for one region, but
offensive or incomprehensible to others. Let your multimedia reach multilingual audiences by
culturally tailoring its material for any territory.

Our linguists and digital experts will ensure to use the right contextual content when adapting your
materials so that they are comprehensible and applicable for specific locales.

Benefits of eLearning Localization

• Improve Market Reach Internationally
• Educate your International Employees
• Create a Learning Program Overseas
• Conquer New Markets with Translated Courses
• Share Training Materials in all Languages
• Expand your Global Exposure

Services Offered for this Industry

              • Translation
              • Localization
              • Desktop publishing
              • Flash and HTML5 integration
              • QA & Testing
              • Audio/multimedia services
              • Graphic Design services

With Experience in the Following Platforms

                              • Captivate
                              • Articulate
                              • Storyline
                              • Udemy
                              • Teachable
                              • WizIQ
                              • Many more…

“Enable your learners to learn in their native language using our eLearning translation services.”

Materials we Localize

          • Word Documents
          • PDFs
          • PowerPoint presentations
          • Courses
          • Graphics
          • Interactive presentations
          • Videos
          • Assessments
          • Slideshows
          • Many more (just let us know!)

We Remember to...

• Research the cultural background of your target learners.
• Consider spacing when it comes to translating “longer languages”.
• Consider formatting when it comes to adapting to right to left languages like Arabic!
• Adapt certain slang and phrases that are not culturally appropriate everywhere else.
• Be wary of images, colours, symbols and graphics – some don’t resonate well in other countries!