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Daily Delivered Translations - Pangea Localization Services

Pangea can provide daily translation solutions for those in need of reliable and regular translations. We provide  robust  workflows  that enable  you  to receive your requests  on  the  same  day.  Whether you’re  committed  to  publishing  a  news  post  or updating a daily Facebook post, book your translations with us  and  we’ll  provide  you  with  a  consistent language service, no matter your niche or industry.

Pangea handles your translations  with  expertise  and provides you with fast-turnaround, competitive pricing and the highest standards of quality. Our professional  linguists are all  industry experts  from the  gaming to the trading fields, making  sure  that your  content  is translated and localized for  the  appropriate  market.

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Whether you belong in the Forex or iGaming industry, we make sure you can cover all your news stories in any language –just as fast as you publish your English content. Get directly in touch with your dedicated project manager to arrange consistent content delivery. Our PMs are so efficient  they’d organize your entire life if you asked them to. They will make it a priority to meet your needs as expected and ensure that you receive your translation on time.

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“Our translations are HUMAN-BASED only, ensuring 100% accuracy and quality”


“Pre-book your Daily Translation with Pangea for fast and reliable content delivery in all languages”