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Market Research - Pangea Localization Services

Are you planning on expanding your business across new foreign markets? Before entering any market, you should know how to position your brand, how to approach your target market and what tone of voice and style to use. Pangea’s marketers will help you step into new territories by performing in-depth
international market research for you. Whichever country you are targeting, we give you the lowdown on its trends, culture, internet usage, consumer wants and needs and more. Our marketers will tell you how to approach a foreign audience and give you a rundown of what works and what doesn’t in that particular locale.

We focus on providing you with the best solution for your business to ensure a smooth, profitable entrance into a new territory.

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“How will your new market respond to your brand? We put ourselves in their shoes to find out.”

Making You Globally Accessible

Communicating across cultures can be challenging. It’s important that you know how to approach your target market. Are you aware of its individual norms, rules, beliefs, values, and characteristics?

To successfully localize your brand and “speak the same language” as your customers, you need to perform market research. Thankfully, you can leave it to the professionals – Pangea’s team is here to do it for you.

Pangea’s market research will help you better understand your target market and make you culturally sensitive when offering your services to them.

Questions We Answer

• What are the customs and   values in your target market?
• How do people use the internet and social media in that locale?​
• Is there a demand for your product / service in that country?
• What has your competition done in the same territory?

the process

Our Marketers are Local

Whether  you  want  to  target  the  Asian  or Eastern European  sector, our marketers are local, native and experienced in their language and own domestic market. We have an increased understanding of each individual territory, helping you better tailor your brand for that market. We define your market, perform market analysis and build a structured and strategic approach for your international growth. Once we’ve performed the market research, we then translate and localize your content so that it is market-related.

“Always perform market research before testing the waters in the prospective international market”

What’s Involved in our International Market Research Services?

• Consumer needs      • Mobile usage

• Internet usage • Social Media usage

• Trends  • Competitors  • Keywords

• Cultures   • Consumer  wants