Want to put a creative spin into your global content? It’s time to call for Pangea’s Transcreation services. Our team of talented transcreators are dedicated to adapting your message into your desired language(s), and ensuring that it appeals to the local market.

If you want to go that one step ahead of direct translation, we’ve got you covered. Our pool of native translators are also creative copywriters, who will translate your work and add their own creativity, whilst promising to maintain the existing tone, style and intent of your content.

Pangea offers professional and quality transcreation services in over 60 languages across a wide range of industries.

“Transcreation results in a new message, not a new idea”

Translation vs Transcreation - What’s the Difference?

It’s easy to confuse the two. But Pangea is here to explain what separates the two services – and which one you’ll probably need!

Translation involves replacing words in one language with the equivalent words in another language. Transcreation, on the other hand involves translation but with a creative twist. Your content will be adapted using the transcreator’s creativity and cultural knowledge to ensure that it resonates with a new foreign market. The existing tone, style and intent of your content will always be maintained.

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Who Do We Transcreate For?

We transcreate content so that it is industry-specific and localized for each target market. Our transcreators are experts in:

“Communicate your message to the creative and culturally aware about it.”

What Content Do We Transcreate?

• Taglines • Slogans

• Humor • Idioms

• Wordplay  • Article

• Landing          page

• Advertising     copy

• Website     content 

What’s Involved in Transceation?

Translation  Proofreading
Market Research XML,
Creative         or       Style     Guide,
Terminology    Glossary XTM
Translation Management System,
XLIFF Editing  Linguistic QA



• Build Trust & Value
• Expand to a Global Market
• Gain Competitive Advantage
• Overcome Cultural Barriers
• Increase ROI

Did You Know?

According to Common Sense Advisory, only 30% percent of Language Service Providers offer transcreation services – that includes us – Pangea! Find out about our competitive transcreation prices by getting in touch!prices by getting in touch!t