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Language History

The Azerbaijani language belongs to the West Oghuz group of the southwestern (Oghuz) branch of the Turkic languages. Closely related to Turkish, Azerbaijani is believed to be connected to the history of Ottoman Turkish. Even Anatolian Turkish texts are considered “Old Azerbaijanian” texts.

Azerbaijanian was written in Arabic script until 1929. A Latin one was then introduced and by the end of the 1930s, it adopted the Cyrillic alphabet. By 1991, Azerbaijani gained a “Latin-based modified script” by the Republic of Azerbaijan. With a Latin alphabet, Azerbaijani letters are familiar and words are easily read by English speakers. In Iran however, where the language is prominently spoken, Azerbaijani speakers use the Arabic alphabet.

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Azerbaijani is believed to be spoken by over 30 million people worldwide.

(Source: fluentin3months)

Where is Azerbaijani Spoken?

Azerbaijani is the official language of Azerbaijan; however, it is also spoken in Iran, Georgia, Russia and Turkey.

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There are two varieties of Azerbaijani. Northern Azerbaijani is spoken in the Republic of Azerbaijan (in education, media, business), and Southern Azerbaijani is spoken in Iran (as a lingua franca).

Did you Know?

While the Azerbaijani lexicon is strongly related to Turkic, it also has influences from Farsi, Arabic and Russian.

“Although Azerbaijani uses the Latin alphabet, unlike English, it is pronounced as it is written.”

The Azerbaijani Dialects

Northern Azerbaijani Airym, Baku, Borcala, Derbend, Ganja, Karapapak, Lenkaran, Nakhchivan, Nukha, Ordubad, Qabala, Qazakh, Quba, Qyzylbash, Salyan, Shamakhi, Shusha (Karabakh), Terekeme, Yerevan, Zaqatala (Mugaly)
Southern Azerbaijani Afshari (Afsar, Afshar), Aynallu (Inallu, Inanlu), Baharlu (Kamesh), Bayat, Karapapakh, Moqaddam, Nafar, Pishagchi, Qajar, Qaragozlu, Shahsavani (Shahseven), Tabriz


4 Easy Phrases in Azerbaijani!

Azerbaijani English
Salam! Hello!
Buyur! (informal) / Buyurun! (formal) Thank you!
Təəssüf edirəm. I’m sorry.
Sabahın xeyir! (informal) / Sabahınız xeyir! (formal) Good morning!

Population vs. Internet Penetration

Azerbaijan Population:


Internet Users:




As of 2020. Source:

Azerbaijani Translation Tips

• There is no gender in Azerbaijani. Instead, there is one word for all: O.

• Azerbaijani does not contain the verb “to have” or “to not have”.

• Azerbaijani uses the subject-object-verb sentence structure.

• There are six cases in the Azerbaijani language: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, locative, ablative.

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