Why does linguistic quality assurance matter? - Pangea Localization Services

Why does linguistic quality assurance matter?

In the context of an interconnected world, global enterprises have become increasingly concerned about the quality of their translated content. Linguistic quality control ensures consistency and accuracy are maintained throughout the entire document. Our personalised language QA services give you confidence in the clarity and completeness of your material.

What do we QA?

From blog articles to detailed legal or government-issued documents, marketing emails, landing pages, pitch decks, websites, brochures, and pretty much any piece of written material, you can trust us with any type of translation and language quality assurance projects. We guarantee quality.

What do we QA? - Pangea Localization Services

Linguistic Testing Explained

What is linguistic quality assurance, exactly? What does the process involve? Contrary to common perception, language QA is more than just proofreading or editing. It is a minute process involving testing and evaluating the overall aspect, form, and impact of your content.

The essentials

We dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s. Literally. Punctuation, terminology, grammar, stylistic harmonisation, tone of voice, formatting, and cultural fitness can make or break your brand. The good news? We pay close attention to everything so you can communicate effectively.

Insight & oversight

Two brains are always better than one, and great minds think alike. This is why we don’t task one linguist with all the translation and language QA work, but an entire team of subject matter experts and translation professionals. When they all work together, perfection comes to life.

Language testing

Once we’ve put together all the bits and pieces, it is just the right time to test it and take one last glance at the final product together with you. Our team and yours will be in touch throughout all the stages of project delivery, so we will all be on the same page. Always.

Our arsenal

To keep up to speed and your publishing deadlines, we deploy a cutting-edge Translation Management System and a bundle of advanced CATtools that boost our efforts, enabling us to improve, test, and adjust as we go along.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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We have recently started working with Pangea and we are satisfied with their translations. The turnaround is fast, the price is reasonable, and based on the sampled QA we have done, the quality is very good.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pangea. They are professional, uber responsive, and extremely efficient with the fastest turnaround time I have ever experienced.


I would highly recommend Pangea Translations for an exclusive professional service. The competence of their linguists, translation quality, time, and personalized customer care are impressive.


Always a pleasure to work with Pangea, a very professional and flexible approach, and most importantly, great translation work.

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