Medical Devices Translation Service

From product labels to critical regulatory documentation, we offer professional and accurate medical device translation services. Our native linguists have background knowledge in the medical and scientific fields and produce quality translations for technology, manufacturing and healthcare agencies.

With Pangea’s professional medical translation services, clients can rest assured that their medical devices are accepted, sold and used overseas. Our pool of professionals will use the correct technical language, be aware of local regulatory requirements and take into consideration the cultures and norms of the locale you’re targeting. This way, our medical device translations are guaranteed acceptance, authenticity and high-quality.

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“Our translators have a deep understanding of subject matter and have superb linguistic skills.”

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The largest export market for medical device companies in the U.S is the EU market including countries like Germany and the Netherlands. 

What is the Medical Devices Industry, anyway?

The medical devices industry is one of the largest and most thriving fields in healthcare, science and technology. This tremendously fast-growing sector develops and sells medical devices to healthcare institutions such as hospitals, doctors’ offices and related firms. Their products include instruments, apparatuses or machines for treatment and diagnostics.
Medical devices are exported worldwide, making translations for different global regions a necessity.

Why Translate Medical Device Materials?

Despite the country they are produced in, medical devices are almost always exported to other countries. This makes the requirement for medical language translation services even more paramount.

If you belong in this field and want to take your product overseas, know that any instructions and specifications for your medical device must be altered to suit a different locale. Regulatory and compliance documents need to be adapted for various countries, and perhaps your entire branding needs to be localized, too.

By accurately translating your critical documents, you’ll successfully make your medical device ready for globalization. Pangea is a medical translation company that can do this for you.

Benefits of Medical Devices Translation:

• Medical devices can be approved for market entry in various countries.

• Hospitals and healthcare firms worldwide can use modern and sophisticated equipment.

• Improve diagnostic and treatment options for patients.

• Medical device organisations will get global recognition and success worldwide.

Services Offered for this Industry

           • Medical document translation
           • Medical device localization
           • Proofreading
           • Desktop publishing
           • QA & Testing

           • Graphic Design

Materials we Translate

                   • Marketing materials

                   • Software

                   • Packaging

                   • Labels

                   • Instructions

                   • Manuals

                   • Trial paperwork

                   • Certifications

                   • Studies

                   • Reports

                   • Patents

We Remember to...

• Accurately translate medical and scientific terminology and phrases.

• Consider the locale your medical devices are targeted for and adhere to cultural norms.

• Be aware of every regulation enforced by your targeted country.

• Ensure your medical device documents are translated with the highest level of accuracy.

• Deliver on-time translations – we know how fast-paced and demanding this field is.