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We provide eLearning translation services to help distribute your learning materials across borders. Whether your learners are based in Germany, Russia or China, our efficient team of translators, localizers and digital experts have the tools and skills to adapt your eLearning content to the target locale.

No matter your niche or industry, Pangea Global has your educational material covered no matter your niche or industry! From text material to slideshows and videos and other multimedia content – hand it over to us, and we promise to deliver a localized product that meets your audience’s cultural expectations.

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Engage students with dedicated eLearning localization

The eLearning industry is growing at a fast pace. By 2025, the eLearning market cap is expected to reach $325 billion. eLearning can also increase retention rates from 25% to 60%. We can help you engage more students overseas with a dedicated eLearning translation and localization service.

Global-ready eLearning translation

As eLearning translation evolves, it is increasingly challenging for traditional LSPs to keep up to speed. That’s why you need Pangea Global, an agile eLearning translation service provider supporting all the new translation models, including daily and just-in-time translation, so students across five continents can benefit from your courses.

eLearning Localization Your Way

Flexibility is our middle name. Whatever your eLearning platform, we have you covered. Our translators, localizers and DTP experts will adapt your content to fit any device, screen size, operating system and eLearning platform.

Around the world

We speak your language and the 75+ more. Most likely, we also speak your students’ language. This allows us to deliver top-quality on-demand translation services that suit your enterprise needs.

The essentials

We cover everything from A to Z: multimedia translation, voice-over, linguistic QA, testing, DTP, and everything in between, no matter the eLearning platform – Captivate, Articulate, Udemy, you name it.

The process

We tailor our workflow to you. So, your deadlines are our deadlines, too. Communication is key to project delivery. Your dedicated project manager will be working closely with your content team, updating them on the progress.

Cultural appropriateness

Before we translate, we research the target culture to ensure your content and visuals meet the cultural expectations of your target audience. In doing so, we adjust the design to accommodate specific language scripts and various text lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Our satisfied clients speak to our success


I recently used Pangea for UI translations and found the process was impeccable. Very pleased with their service, definitely recommended.


We have recently started working with Pangea and we are satisfied with their translations. The turnaround is fast, the price is reasonable, and based on the sampled QA we have done, the quality is very good.

 JFD Brokers

Swift and exact in each project, Pangea is an everyday first-class translation provider for us in few languages. The agency is a great partner to work with. We would always recommend their services. Thanks, guys!


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pangea. They are professional, uber responsive, and extremely efficient with the fastest turnaround time I have ever experienced.


I would highly recommend Pangea Translations for an exclusive professional service. The competence of their linguists, translation quality, time, and personalized customer care are impressive.

 Synot Games

Always a pleasure to work with Pangea, a very professional and flexible approach, and most importantly, great translation work.