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Need a certified translation as soon as yesterday? Or maybe you need your diploma translated and certified by a sworn translator? Whatever your translation needs, Pangea Global has you covered.

Our certified translators are subject-matter experts skilled in a wide range of disciplines from business and finance to law and medicine across 75+ languages with extensive expertise in linguistics and translation.

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    Why trust us with your certified translations?

    At Pangea, we are committed to delivering excellence and fast. This is why we have stretched our antennas and made sure we recruited the best translators out there. Here is what we offer you:

    • Certified translations aligned to ISO 17100: 2015 & ISO 9001: 2015 standards
    • Fast delivery from the date of submitting the request
    • Flexible, client-centric approach tailored to your needs
    • Best possible rates for the level of complexity you require

    Documents that require a sworn translation include:

    • Diplomas • Contracts & Agreements
    • Reports/ Financial Statements
    • Child   adoption   documents

    National IDs  • Court Orders

    Powers of Attorney  

    Memoranda of Association  
    • Transcripts
    • Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death certificates
    • Notary /Immigration documents

    Certified Translations at a Glance

    Legal proceedings may require the translation of documents (e.g., court decisions or decrees, corporate documents, such as memoranda of association, statements, tax declarations, contracts or agreements, or personal documents, including birth/death/marriage/divorce certificates, apostille certificates, etc.). To be valid before authorities, these translations must be authorised by a certified translator, who applies their signature and seal onto the translated document. In turn, this serves as a guarantee that the translated text is accurate and carries the same meaning as the original.

    Notary Documents at a Glance

    Notary documents are legal instruments that carry the certification of a notary public, issued to individuals and legal entities. They serve as the notary’s validation of the authenticity of the notarised document(s). Notarised documents are generally used in court proceedings, as well as in legal transactions, such as real estate or financial business. 

    In countries where certified translation services are not available, the notary acts as a certified translator and certifies the translation. The most common notary documents are:

    Apostille Certificates

    An apostille certificate is an official document that authenticates the validity of a document to be used internationally, without the need of further legalisation in the destination country. Typically, the apostille is issued by the country where the document originates from.

    Notary Statements

    A notary statement can be construed as a declaration whereby the notary states that they personally know the individual signing the statement and a trustworthy witness who has identified the individual in person and that the notary has identified the individual based on their documents of identity.

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