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A Localization Company For You

This is the part where we reveal ourselves to you. We are Pangea Global, a young, dedicated and professional translation and localization company, and we specialise in word forensics and copywriting.

We build the bridge between You and other cultures by taking Your Word around the world and back.

Behind the Scenes of Your Localization Agency

So, you’ve got this far… Great. How about going further?

We can take you places. After all, the world is only as small or big as you see it. A professional localization agency, Pangea Global is all about streamlined communication, no matter where you are and where you want to be.

Word Jedi at heart, we believe in wielding the right words to open the right markets.

Why trust our localization agency with your projects?

Finding the right words for the right audience, not to mention in their language, can be hard. Often impossible if you don’t speak the language. But we do. Pangea Global makes your voice heard across the world. All we need is your brief, so our wordsmiths can understand your story and craft it in any of the 75+ languages that we cover. And when we say “cover”, we mean all the way: translation and localization. We don’t just transpose your content into a target language of your choice; we interpret and adapt it to your target market, in free translation, we localize it.

Localization masters, we make sure your message preserves both its relevance and original juiciness, no matter the language it is translated into. We go beyond words. We connect you to your target market while focusing on cultural identity. Working with us is working with a localization agency that gives you all the tools to get you market-fit.

First, we take a good scoop of your
secret formula, or say- Your Word.

We add a pinch of local colour.

Then, we mix it all with a handful of cultural identity. We are generous with this.

We stir vigorously until it becomes
homogeneous and smooth.

We cook it on low to high heat,
depending on the local custom.

Et voilà, your Word is ready to be enjoyed…

Spicy or mild, hot or cold, as You and Your prospective clients like it. No matter where You are, we cook it to perfection in 75+ languages across 5 continents.

Our Story – the Making of a Localization Company

It started with a dream… No, it started from an insatiable desire to solve puzzles and love for word forensics. You got it right. We don’t just hang on every word you say, we walk the extra mile and dig deeper into the meaning that Your Word has in your language and the message it carries in the target language. Well, that’s part of a localization company’s job. Fair enough, but we Do Not stop here.

With decades of combined expertise in linguistics, copywriting, and industry-specific prowess, our young team of linguists and word craftsmen guide you every step of the way, from translation to localization. We take your brief and walk the talk. Because Your Word has power, we want the world to perceive it. We’re unlike any other translation agency you’ve known. And we’re quite fun to work with too.

To the great beyond

In the market since 2015, we have been continuously doing what we do best – helping businesses enter different markets in style. With more than 100 loyal and satisfied clients and 1000 active projects (and counting), we can really say we have achieved what others translation and localization agencies may only be planning on doing. The source of our success? Our remarkable team of 900+ linguists and subject matter experts, our continued endeavour to meet our clients’ needs and leverage cutting-edge technology.

Our commitment

… is to help businesses from different sectors to make their mark in ultra-competitive markets by delivering impactful content.

We value quality and exhale originality. Placing great emphasis on localization and cultural awareness, we deliver exceptional copy and turnkey translation solutions that equip you with everything you need to make an impact in your target market.

Our offices

Pangea Translation Services HQ Office
Arch. Leontiou A’ 254, Limassol 3020,
Reg. No. HE362046

Pangea Translation Services (Ukraine) LLC
Mezhyhirska Street, 3/7, Office 28, 04071 Kyiv, Ukraine
Re. No. 4334996

Pangea Translation Services London Office
Office 58A 182 – 184 High Street North East Ham
London E6 2JA

Pangea Translation Services Boston Office
867 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116,
United States

Pangea Translation Services Krakow Office

Plac Wolnica, nr 13, lok 10. Krakow, 31-060

Who’s the grand architect?

Just like every entrepreneur, Michal Shinitzky, Pangea Global’s CEO and visionary, had a big dream and even greater ambition to take localization to the new heights. With enviable technical expertise under her belt, Michal founded Pangea Global in 2015 after a successful 20-year career in localization, software development, and linguistics. Over the years she has had the honour to work for several bigwig companies, managing their localization departments. With a desire to expand her horizons and explore different industries, Michal decided to put her love for languages to work and lay the foundation of Pangea Global, one of the best localization companies in iGaming and finance.