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Language History

Romanian, referred to as an Indo-European and Romance language has a deep history. In the 2nd century, A.D, the Romans conquered the Dacian people, under the rule of Emperor Trajan. This is what would later become known as Romania. With the Romans colonizing the area, the local population Romanized very quickly and even adopted the Roman culture. The Latin language became wide-spread, and it wasn’t until the 7th and 9th centuries, when the Slavic language started merging with that of the Dacians’. Until this very day, the Romanian language is still heavily influenced by Slavic words and pronunciations. Turkish, Hungarian, Albanian and German have also had an impact on the development of modern-day Romanian.

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Romanian is spoken by around 30 million people around the world. It is believed that 24–26 million people use it as their native language, while another 4 million people use it as a second language.

Where is Romanian Spoken?

Romanian is the official language of Romania. It is also an official and national language of Moldova. Romanian is also spoken around the world in countries including Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and United States.Romania language_map_inner page


Like French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Romanian is a Romance language. However, it is the only Romance language that developed in Eastern Europe.

Did you Know?

Romanian is quite difficult for foreigners to learn because of the special letters, called ‘diacritics’. These include ă, ș, ț, â and î.

“Romania celebrates Romanian Language Day on August 31st!”

False Friends in Romanian and English

Romanian Translation Wrong Meaning
cutie box cute thing
glas voice fragile material
horn chimney alarm or animal antler
rest money change downtime

4 Easy Phrases in Romanian!

Romanian English
Salut! Hello (informal)
Mersi! Thanks (informal)
Mă numesc … My name is...
Îmi pare rău! Sorry

Population vs. Internet Penetration

Romania Population:


Internet Users:




As of 2019. Source:


If you know some Italian, Spanish or French, you can comprehend Romanian!If you know some Italian, Spanish or French, you can comprehend Romanian!

Romanian Translation Tips

• In terms of personal pronouns, there are 3 different forms of politeness when referring to a second or third person – ‘tu’, ‘dumneata’ (‘dânsul’, ‘dânsa’) and ‘Dumneavoastră’.

• Remember! Unlike in English, an adjective in a sentence is placed after the noun, not before it.

• Don’t forget! Romanian nouns are divided into three gender classes – masculine, feminine, and neuter.

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