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Language History

Georgian belongs to the Caucasian language family that routes back to the 5th century. The earliest recordings of the Georgian alphabet were found on a plaque in Palestine in the first half of the fifth century A.D. How it ended up in that location has remained unclear. Another stone plaque with Georgian writing was later found in the last half of the century in Bolnisi, Georgia.

The Georgian alphabet is said to mainly derive from an ancient form of the Aramaic alphabet with characteristics of the Greek alphabet. However, its appearance differs greatly from today’s cursive-like script.

In the past, Georgia was used as a crossroads for trade and economy, bringing in different workers from various surrounding countries. For this reason, the language has similar sounds, words, and grammar as languages such as Turkish, Arabic, Greek, and more.

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According to TheCultureTrip, just four million people speak Georgian as a first or second language, with the majority living in Georgia.

Where is Georgian Spoken?

Georgian is the official language of Georgia; however it is also spoken in countries around the world including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Europe, and north America

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The Georgian alphabet has undergone three major changes!
Asomtavruli – the oldest alphabet dating back to the 1st century BC.
Nuskhuri  – another Georgian alphabet that was found in the 9th century.
Mkhedruli – the modern Georgian alphabet with 33 letters and no capital letters.

Did you Know?

‘Hello’ in Georgian, ‘Gamarjoba’, means ‘victory’. This reflects country’s history of attacks and war.Amharic is the second most spoken Semitic language in the whole


There are at least 18 dialects in the Georgian language
which are classified by their geographic distribution:

• Northeast dialects

• Eastern dialects

• Central dialects

• Southwest dialects

• Northwest dialects

``The Georgian Language expresses everything that any human language is capable of expressing. The Georgian language is so rich that by its peculiar intricacies it is a language of worldwide significance.`` N.Y. Marr

4 Easy Phrases in Estonian!

Georgian English
Gamarjoba Hello
Madloba Thank you
Arapris You are welcome
Rogor khar? How are you?


The Georgian alphabet has been named one of the top five most beautiful alphabets in the
world by Matadornetwork.
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Population vs. Internet Penetration

Georgia Population:


Internet Users:




As of 2020. Source:

Did you Know?

The Georgian alphabet is the only one in the world that is pronounced exactly how it is written.

Georgian Translation Tips

• Unlike English, the third person in the Georgian language does not have a gender. ‘That’ is used instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’.

• If a word ends without a vowel, the letter ‘I’ is added at the end.

• There are Georgian words that cannot be translated into English including Shemomechama, Mazeg, and Gachituli.

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