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Voice Over Localization-A List of Challenges & Benefits

Voice Over Localization-A List of Challenges & Benefits

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From eLearning businesses to movie creators, voice over localization services are high in demand among organisations. When subtitles aren’t preferred, voice overs are the ideal solution in making your visual and audio content accessible and appropriate to foreign markets.

The question is, is it worth it? Should you translate your video’s audio? Before we say YES, read on to find out what the challenges and benefits of voice over localization actually are…

Voice Over Localization Challenges

Dialogue Pacing

Like interpreting, voice over localization can be challenging when it comes to keeping up with pace. The dialogue may be fast and difficult to understand, which can prolong the transcript and translation process.

Some languages are longer than others. For example, the English language has shorter sentences than most. This can make any translation job tough, especially voice over projects, as pacing of the audio can change. Translating from Spanish to English, for instance, can pose some difficulty – if a Spanish voice over lasts around 30 seconds, the English version will probably be much shorter as Spanish texts are longer than their English counterparts.

Skilled linguists therefore have to keep up with specific time frames when accommodating longer or shorter voice overs. While pacing is a challenge, it shouldn’t result in a bad voice over. Companies like Pangea Global hire expert translators when handling your project to ensure that pacing difficulties are defeated.

Sound Complications

A complex and complicated audio can make voice over localization problematic. Difficulty understanding the dialogue due to accents, pace or background noise can add confusion, resulting in mistakes and extra time spent on the project.

A translation job can also be demanding if there are multiple speakers in an audio. This can require more transcribers, translators and a pair of extra ears in order to create a voice over that is errorless. Simultaneously, LSPs have to make sure the project is as less time-consuming and expensive for the client as possible.

It’s crucial that any audio sent for voice over localization is clear and concise, so linguists can produce the most accurate results.

 As a professional translation company, we have a qualified team on board who are more than capable of handling your project, whether it is challenging or not.

Voice Over Localization Benefits

Wider Reach

Video content is increasingly being used by companies on a daily basis. As mentioned in our blog about Localization Trends, 84% of people are more convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video, according to Optinmonster. If you are a business that is taking advantage of video marketing and striving to build business internationally, voice over localization is essential.

Prospective foreign clients will take more interest in your content because it is presented in video format, but also because it is presented in their mother tongue. As long as it has been translated correctly in terms of linguistics, context and culture, your videos can have a wider reach across potential clients.

Global Clients

When a company wants their multimedia to target clients of different native languages, voice over translation is more important than ever. From videos to simple audio files, these materials will need to be localized for various territories.

As with any translation, businesses can increase their global reach when adapting their materials from language to another. When your voice overs are recorded and tailored to specific locales, you are more likely to grow your audience across borders. Businesses make their content comprehensible and appropriate for other countries, which ultimately results in increased reach, and eventually bigger and better business results.


If your voice over localization is completed by a proficient and fast translation company like Pangea Global, you can be assured of an accurate, quality and professional result.
You can always recognise a bad voice over from a good one – most of the bad ones are hilarious and downright embarrassing for a brand.

When an LSP uses professional sound equipment and talented and qualified linguists, your voice over is bound to be impressive, which can ultimately boost your reputation as a professional business in the long-run.

What other benefits and challenges does voice over localization and translation present? Let us know in the comments below!

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