CFDs & Online Trading

Pangea offers its translation and copywriting  
services to companies in the financial sector, be it a Forex or CFDs broker. As a financial translation services provider, our goal is to help businesses expand internationally and thrive in the multilingual market.

The Forex market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world, followed shortly behind by other assets like Indices, Stocks or Commodities. Online trading has become a global phenomenon, driving brokers to think, act and grow internationally. To do so, you need to make sure your website and online content has been written, translated and localized for regional markets.

We’re Traders Too

Our linguists and writers are traders too. With a solid background in online trading, they ensure that accurate financial and technical terms are used when translating or writing content.

They understand the world of finance and the context behind every piece, using the right lingo and phrases to get your message across.

Whether you are a FX firm or a stock broker, your content must be delivered with precision and consistency. We know how competitive, fast-paced and challenging this industry can be. That’s why we aim to provide quick, accurate and reliable forex translations.

We Know Our Customers

We know our customers like the palm of our hands. Pangea has vast experience collaborating with clients from the finance industry making us familiar and informed about what works.

The trading world is full of individual and complex terminology. From in-depth technical analysis to exciting, informative text that describes how the latest political, economic and tech industry news impacts on traders’ decisions, our writers produce up-to-the-minute content that allows your customers to trade with confidence.


It’s not only about being a licensed and regulated broker. Does your online trading website and content speak the same language as your customers? Most online users will leave a website if it is not offered in their native  language.

“Words are “assets” that are exchanged between languages”

Translation, Localization & Copywriting Services in:

• Online Trading Websites
• Online Trading Articles & Blog Posts
• Technical Analysis
• Reviews & Forum Posts
• Landing Page, Banners & More
• Marketing Copy
• Trading Platforms
• Financial Reports

Did You Know?

The countries that trade Forex the most are the UK, the US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong!

Does your content target these demographics?

Source: HotForex

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