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The Language of Online Gaming (Part 2)

The Language of Online Gaming (Part 2)

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We continue to navigate the online gaming realm through language . Words have power. So, harness it to turn the odds in your favour. Let’s pick up where we left off!

Flop – The first three community cards that the croupier (dealer) deals face up at the centre of the table after players have raised or folded. Players can use these cards in combination with the cards they have been dealt to create the best five-card poker hand.
Fourth street – In Hold’em Poker, the fourth community card dealt face up to the table immediately after the flop, which players can use to make up the best possible five-card poker hand.
Fold – Players surrendering their hands is commonly known as fold.
Gambler’s fallac – The false premise that previous events influence the outcome of any future event(s).
Gambler’s ruin – A gambling strategy that could wipe out any player’s account.
George – The association with the name “George” remains shrouded in mystery. But you should know that any player who leaves hefty tips at the casino is called “a george.”
Grease – A slang term for bribery (the bribe itself) in online casinos.
Grind – Small wagers that sometimes players make to steadily work their way up the winning ladder.
Hit – In Blackjack games, a hit is the last card a player can ask for.
Hole card – The card dealt to the dealer face down.
Honeymoon period – The winning streak that often new players are on.
Hot – A player on a dazzling winning streak.
Inside bet – Betting on single numbers in the 0-36 range in Roulette.
Insurance bet – A side bet in Blackjack games, allowing players to “ensure” their bet if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. This gives players the chance to break even if the dealer’s hand is “Blackjack”, thus causing them to lose their main bet. In general, the odds of inside bets pay-out is 2 to 1, with the maximum bet allowed being half the main bet’s amount.
Juice – Also known as “vigorish”, “house edge”, or simply “vig”, it is the fee that casinos or bookmakers charge for accepting a player’s wager.
Junket – An incredibly loyal casino player.
Kicker – A high-value card held by a player, which is not included in winning combinations in Poker.
Ladderman – The person overseeing the Baccarat game in a traditional casino setup.
Lay the odds – When the player expects to win a lower amount than their wager.
Layout – The gaming table surface where wagers can be placed.
Limit – A maximum amount that players can bet or raise at an online casino game.
Marker – When a player requests credit or pays by cheque at a casino to continue playing.
Mechanic – It has nothing to do with mechanics in general. Typically, an exceptionally skilled dealer at handling cards is called a “mechanic”.
Multiplier – A game mechanism involving the multiplication of payouts in casinos.
MVG – Now, that’s a very creative online gaming acronym that stands for Most Valuable Guest. Pretty much like VIP, a player who is also a high roller.
Natural – Playing the best possible hand.
Non-negotiable chips – Chips that cannot be redeemed for cash.
Nut – The running cost of a casino.
Non-sticky bonus – A bonus that can be withdrawn once the wagering requirement is met.
Open – The first player to start a Poker game.
Outside bet – A bet placed outside the area of the numbered layout in a Roulette game. Outside bets are generally considered basic and are usually preferred by less versed players.
Overlay -The odds favouring players.
Paint -Face cards, such as King, Queen, Jack.
Pallet – The tool that dealers use in Baccarat games
Paroli – A betting system in Roulette whereby the player’s stake increases or decreases, depending on the last result.
Pass – When a player forfeits the hand and stops playing.
Pat – An unbusted hand summing up at least 17 points.
Penetration – The number of cards dealt before shuffling the deck.
Phantom bonus – A bonus withdrawn from the player’s account before payout.
Pigeon – A naive casino player.
Plug – A card group split by a plastic card.
Pocket cards – Cards dealt face down to players.
Pot – The money kept in the middle of the table while the game is being played.
Quads – Anything that comes in a set of four in online gaming language.
Qualifier – The criterion that players must meet to bet during a hand.
Queer – Counterfeit money.
Racino – A combination of racetrack and casino.
Reel – A horizontal column in Roulette games. The most common number of reels in online Roulette games is five.
Reload bonus – A bonus awarded to a re-depositing player.
Royal flush – The best possible combination of hands that players receive (if there are no wild cards).
RNG – Random number generator, an algorithm commonly used by online casinos to generate random outcomes.
Shill – A player getting paid to play.
Shiner – A mirror or a small device used to reflect light and reveal the unshown cards.
Shoe – A box used for dealing cards.
Shutter – A card or board that contains the bingo numbers.
Shuffle tracking -A gambling technique whereby players track specific cards or sequences of cards through several series of shuffles.
Silver mining – When players keep “checking” slot machines for coins or “silver”.
Sixth street – The fourth betting stage.
Skimming – The act of stealing money from a casino.
Skin – Money in a casino.
Spinner – A winning streak.
Spooking – A person standing behind the dealer and peeking at hole cards.
Sticky bonus – A bonus that cannot be withdrawn.
Table hold – Money made in an 8-hour shift.
Table stakes – A rule preventing players from adding or removing chips from the active hands during gameplay.
Tap out – When a player loses their entire bankroll.
Tells – Subtle signs shown by dealers or players.
Third street – The first betting round of Seven Stud Poker.
Three of a kind – A hand with three cards of equal value, also known as “trips”.
Tronc – A box used for tipping dealers.
Underplay – When a player has a strong hand and fails to exploit all their winning chances.
Whale – A player with a high value and hence, a high winning potential.
This concludes our online gaming language mini-analysis. Hoping it was helpful, we’ll let you have fun learning it. Need help translating these terms? Let us know below.
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