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How Quality Translation Services Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry

How Quality Translation Services Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pharmacies, doctors and healthcare services around the world want to safely prescribe international drugs to their patients. They want to be able to fully understand the intricate details of the product and ensure that it is suitable for their clientele. But what happens if the materials provided aren’t adequately translated? Worse, what if leaflets and brochures aren’t in their native language at all?!
In case you never properly thought about it, language and translation are extremely crucial for the pharma field. How? Below, we present the top areas where quality translation services can benefit the pharmaceutical industry

Clinical Trials

All stages including the development, approval and marketing of a drug must be correctly translated in order to guarantee its success. According to, 47% of clinical trials take place outside of the United States. For this reason, it’s extra important to professionally translate materials like case report forms, data sheets, questionnaires and informed consent forms. These documents determine the drug’s safety for patients, making accurate translations even more critical. Language issues might cause errors, miscommunication and even delays in the trial. The requirement of quality linguists handling pharmaceutical content is therefore vital.


International regulatory approvals can be complex in the pharmaceutical industry. Each country has its own rules, regulations and procedures when it comes to health and medicine. In order for a drug to be properly registered, protected and marketed in a region, it needs to be fully clear and comprehensible. That’s where great language services come in. They will make sure that all the drug’s documentation is adequately localized – meaning, the content won’t just be translated, but correctly adapted to suit the target market. Native linguists of the said language will ensure that the translation meets the specific requirements of the country in the question. With a service like Pangea, all content will prevent any delays or rejections, as our linguists will do the right research to make sure documents are localized for the target market.


Marketing is yet another factor in the drug development stage that requires careful attention. When a company wants to promote its product overseas, it must make sure that their content is fitting and understandable by the foreign market. Has it been correctly translated? Is the correct lingo being used? Are all cultural aspects being considered? A professional translation agency will translate promotional pharmaceutical content to a T to ensure that its audience apprehends it. Marketing materials include website content, brochures, leaflets, and advertisements.


Patients are the end-users of a pharmaceutical product. After all, their lives are in the pharmaceutical company’s hands. For this reason, materials must be translated without fault. Pharmacies and doctors need to understand what drug it is they’re giving out. Is it safe? What are the side effects? What group of people should obtain from this drug? When a product goes global, it needs to be clearly and correctly used. One of the crucial ways to do this is by using a professional language services provider. Product inserts, manuals, and labels are just a few of the materials that LSP companies take care of to ensure that a drug is safely prescribed and used.
Other than the developmental stages of a drug, how else can a language service provider benefit the pharmaceutical industry?

• Scientists around the world can communicate, share and brainstorm research, results and plans.
• Doctors in different countries can collaborate to discuss the nature of a drug and safely prescribe it to patients.
• Foreign patients can trust in the drug and understand what signs and symptoms to look out for.

Other than the information presented in our blog post, what other benefits do you think a translation company has for the pharmaceutical industry? Let us know in the comments section below…!
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Anca Teodora
Anca Teodora
4 years ago

Great ,useful article! Well done!

3 years ago

An informative piece . It gives a newbie like me an overall understanding of translation services.Thanksfor sharing and keep up the good work.

Catholicon Pharma
3 years ago

Good Job! Thanks for sharing the useful info.

3 years ago

Clinical trials contribute to information and progress in treating and preventing diseases. The article is great, you describe everything briefly. Thank you for this post.

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