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Put your iGaming localization projects in the best hands – Pangea Global. From creating casino and poker web copy that pops to localizing it to your target market, we have you covered. With a wealth of expertise in the iGaming industry, Pangea localization professionals have the know-how to make your UI/UX soar. Let’s roll the dice!

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Bingo! You just won the Jackpot

Working with Pangea localization experts isn’t a risky game. You can trust us to play by your rules. iGamers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to be in your shoes. Conquering new markets takes more than just desire, it takes planning, strategising, and cultural awareness. That’s why we’ll always turn the odds in your favour.

We’re more than just translators

We are a team of word forensic experts, jedi copywriters, trans-creators, native speakers of 240 language pairs we translate between, and we appreciate a good game too.

We create

Compelling iGaming website content, Casino, Bingo & Poker articles and news releases, reviews and forum posts, landing pages, ads, banners, and printed marketing deliverables that stand out from the crowd.

We have the arsenal to put you in the driver’s seat

Cutting-edge translation tools and a translation management system that enable us to deliver to tight deadlines without compromising on quality and style, while being faithful to the lingo and culture. Check out our secret armory

A few extras we toss in your bag

Our dedicated account managers and project managers will work closely with your team to make sure you get the desired results from every project you trust us with.

''Let Pangea help you tap into international markets and truly win the game!''

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