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Pangea is Honored With Not One but TWO Translation Software Awards by FinancesOnline

Pangea is Honored With Not One but TWO Translation Software Awards by FinancesOnline

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We’re extremely thrilled to be honored with two awards by FinancesOnline, a leading review platform in the financial industry. Pangea Localization Services is now the proud owner of the Rising Star and Great User Experience awards of 2017.

A detailed and encouraging Pangea review was published on FinanceOnline’s website alongside other prestigious translation companies. Our wide range of listed services not only earned us two awards but also a user satisfaction rating of 100% as well as an overall score of 8.0 by the FinancesOnline team.

The reviewers had nothing but kind words to say about Pangea’s translation and localization services. The review enthusiastically evaluated our benefits, including our ability to translate in over 40 languages as well as our additional services including copywriting and localized graphic design. They also gave a shout-out to our talented team of industry-expert linguists and gave particular emphasis on our cutting-edge SEO content services.

The FinancesOnline reviewers put Pangea in the spotlight by highlighting its advantages against its competitors. Pinpointing our unique features, the reviewers accentuated the fact that Pangea makes no translation mistakes. FinancesOnline mentioned how easy it is to get cultural terminology and idioms wrong. “Pangea however, has a team of skilled, expert and native translators who specialize in various fields, including gaming or trading,” the reviewers said.

What else makes us prominent? FinancesOnline honored our “affordable rates” and the fact that loyal and repeat customers are given privileges and discounts thanks to our use of Translation Memory technology. Also making us different from competitors, according to FinancesOnline, is our fast and accurate service. “There is no need for you to copy and paste content to start the translation process. Pangea makes it easy with its cutting-edge Translation Management Systems,” added their experts.

Overall, Pangea feels extremely privileged to be recognized as one of the best translation tools listed on FinancesOnline. These awards will certainly go down in our

history books.

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