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Crypto Translation, a New Type of Financial Translation?

Crypto Translation, a New Type of Financial Translation?

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Planning on starting your very own crypto project? Or maybe you’ve just ICO-ed or launched your first NFT and you want to go big about it. Crypto translation has you covered. But what is crypto translation, really? Is it another fancy coinage of financiers to justify the existence of a new type of financial translation?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has rocked the financial world for over two decades. Yet, there are still so many unknowns in the crypto equation that financiers yet have to work out. But that’s not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is crypto translation, which, in many ways, is more than just coinage because blockchain per se is a different discipline altogether that exceeds the boundaries of finance, requiring more than financial translation. Let’s start mining!

What is crypto translation?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency field is replete with unique terms that have only entered the financial space, well, with the emergence of Bitcoin. This is how you know of HODL-ing, stablecoins, altcoins, and other such quirky, tongue-twisting coinages.

Many of these terms lack a direct correspondent in other languages, raising a communication barrier between users and any DAPs (here’s another funky acronym standing for decentralised applications). Crypto translation helps you communicate your message clearly to your users overseas.
At the crossroads of transcreation, financial and technology translation, crypto translation bridges the communication gap between investors and DAP, ICO or NFT developers by conveying the meaning of your cryptocurrency content.
Key takeaway: Crypto translation is the type of translation that conveys the meaning of crypto and blockchain-related content into another language. Yet, not all crypto-related terms can be directly translated into another language. In this case, transcreation is the solution to your crypto translation problem.
Crypto transcreation is essentially the adaptation of crypto-related terms that cannot be translated from English into another language while paying close attention to the context and scope of the crypto content.

Are there any crypto translation best practices?

Definitely. As the cryptosphere keeps spinning, crypto translation spins along with it. Let us explain the metaphor by presenting some of the crypto translation best practices.

Crypto know-hows

While some may argue that crypto translation is not so big of a deal, in reality, it is a niche that poses some serious challenges. Without a solid background in technology or finance alongside language studies, it is impossible to translate a crypto white paper, for example.
For this reason, when choosing a translation agency, you must make sure they have the expertise required to handle your multilingual crypto projects.
At Pangea Global, we have the expertise and the right tools for the job. Our linguists are all native speakers of over 240 language pairs they translate between, with extensive experience translating and localizing crypto and NFT projects for some of the most discerning clients

Keeping abreast of the latest developments

As we said earlier, the financial industry evolves constantly. The cryptocurrency sector sees even faster growth.
In 2009, Bitcoin had many of us divided on whether it would last (admit it, you also had doubts!). Today, twenty years down the line, NFTs entered the crypto world with a “BANG!”
Therefore, the need to accurately communicate to a broader audience in their language is greater than ever. To do that, crypto translators must keep up with the latest crypto developments and the latest crypto language developments.
Before opting for one crypto translation agency or another, you must make sure they are aware of the latest developments shaking up the cryptosphere. Do they have glossaries? Style guides? Translation Memory? Do they use MT, or are they mainly human-driven?
Answering these questions will help you make the right choice. Online reviews may be very helpful in sourcing some of these answers. Platforms like and Clutch are rich sources of information for what clients of your crypto translation agency say about their services.

Translation Memory and other CATs

To speed up the process and ensure consistency throughout the translated material, crypto translation agencies use CAT tools such as Translation Memory that help translators deliver projects within tight deadlines.
Translation Memory allows linguists to store previous translation data (specific terms) and contexts for later use. This enables translators to constantly update the database and ensure accuracy and laser focus in the long term.

A crypto translation agency when you need one

Pangea Global is a translation agency specialising in finance and crypto translation, among others. Being the proud holder of ISO 17100 and ISO 9001: 2015 certifications for translation quality standards and translation project management, we are on a mission to deliver laser-focused crypto translations on your terms. Drop us a line and find out what we can do for you!

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