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Pangea Localization Services

Want your audio enjoyed by audiences around the globe? Pangea provides voice over localization services that will give your recordings worldwide reach. Whether you have e-Learning content, audiobooks, or app material that need to be globalised, our team of top-tier talented specialists will localize your voice over script and professionally record it so that your project caters to any local audience.

Our professional, native and eloquent artists will reproduce your original voice over recording in over
60 languages across a wide range of industries.

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“Your project will have an international voice, building it up for worldwide appeal.”

Why Script Localization Matters

Some clients provide us with a translated script, ready for recording. Most of the time however, they want their source script localized into another language(s), before it goes to the studio. In this case, we locate the most qualified, mother-tongue linguist to handle your script translation and localization and ensure that it is written equivalently to the original.

Translators handling your script will make sure the length of the localized text is equal to the length of the source content, so that the running time of the resulting voice over is the same. Our linguists will localize the script and make sure it reads at natural speed according to your audio content.

Where the Client Comes in

Your opinion matters to us. And we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services. Our project managers will therefore always involve you throughout the voice over localization process.

Once a script has been translated into your desired language, we will send it to you for approval. This will prevent any time wasted and additional costs.

We will also provide you with options for voice over talents, in accordance to:

Male/Female Voice

Age Group of Voice Talent

We are happy to give you samples of the voice over talents so you can pick the best narrator for your recording. Once approved, our voice over artists then record your script in a professional studio.

“We tell your story in a new language, to capture new, international markets.”

What Do We Do Voice Overs For?

Videos (corporate, entertainment, etc.)

  • Animations  Applications • Audiobooks
  E-Learning  Telephone messages
  Video Games Presentations
  • Interviews Commercials Audio Guides

Selecting the Right Voices

We don’t just hire an experienced translator or linguist to do the job. Pangea has contacts with a wide range of professional, qualified and native voice over talents who specialise in your specific subject matter.

We pick talents that are native in your desired language, smoothly-spoken, and most importantly, can interpret your original message using the same pitch, tone, and rhythm.




• Achieving   global  engagement
• Increase    user    satisfaction
• Attract new markets
• Build  more client relationships
• Improving   visitor   experience
• Enhance brand trust and reliability

Did You Know?

Pangea will also have your script and voice over proofread and QA’d by our highly-trained team.
Pangea will also have your script and voice over proofread and QA’d by ou
Pangea will also have your script and voice over proofread and QA’d by ou