Pharmaceutical Translation and Localization Service

Accurately translated content in the pharmaceutical industry is imperative to keeping patients and consumers safe. That’s why we, at Pangea place great emphasis on the quality of your pharmaceutical translations.

Pangea’s translators are qualified and native linguists from the medical sector, with knowledge and hands-on experience in the pharma field. With our language services, you are assured that every communication stage throughout the production and promotion of your pharma product is clear and concise. Whether you need leaflets, packaging or marketing materials translated, we will deliver a perfect and professional result.

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“Pangea translates your pharma copy with the patient in mind. Correct. Comprehensible. Clear.”

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Choosing Pangea Makes a Difference

If you aim to bring a new drug into foreign markets, translation and localization is key. With Pangea’s pharmaceutical translation services, your product will be successfully approved, marketed and used by your target locales.

Our linguists use the correct terminology and complex lingo to translate your copy and ensure that it is read and fully understood by regulatory bodies and pharmacies across borders. Our native translators will adapt your copy into the right language and certify that it can be trusted by patients and consumers around the world.


North America is responsible for the largest portion of pharmaceutical revenues, while the Chinese pharmaceutical sector has shown the highest growth rates over previous years. Is your pharma product localized for these regions?



• Global patients are aware of what drug they’re taking and symptoms to look out for.

• Overseas doctors can collaborate and share information.

• Marketing materials can be adapted for different geographical locations.

• Scientists around the world can share research and development ideas.

• Regulatory bodies and governments can approve drugs quickly and without hassle.

Services Offered for this Industry

                     • Translation
                     • Localization
                     • Proofreading
                     • Desktop publishing
                     • QA & testing
                     • Graphic design services

“Localization of pharma content helps ensure that the culture, needs and regulations of each geographical location are met.”

Materials we Translate

              • Leaflets
              • Packaging
              • Labels
              • Articles
              • Analyses
              • Lab Reports
              • Medical Registries
              • Surveys or clinical trials
              • Websites

Materials we Translate

• Product manuals
• Drug safety Reports
• Lab Documents
• Marketing materials
• Legislation and Regulation documents
• Clinical study reports and documents
• Questionnaires and consent forms
• Slideshows
• Many more (just let us know!)

We Remember to...

• Consider        the       culture,     needs       and     regulations    of     each     locale.
• Be   thoroughly  aware   of   terminology,  phrases  and  industry –  specific lingo.
• Keep in mind the complexity and importance of clinical documents and projects.
• Understand   the   medical   and    pharmaceutical    sector     of     the     location.
• Focus on strict quality and absolute accuracy so your pharma documentations are approved.