QA & Testing

Not a day goes by in our  office  without  Quality Assurance. Pangea’s  core  DNA is all about ensuring  accuracy, quality and precision in our translations and your designs.
Whether you want a leaflet, website, platform or article translated, every translation performed at Pangea, gets QA service upon request.

TEP Quality

After your content has been translated, it will be proofread and reviewed by another second-round of linguists. Their meticulous attention to detail will guarantee that your messaging is pitch and note-perfect without a mistake in sight.

QA for Layout, Design & Navigation

Once your translation is complete and incorporated into a design, you can send us the result for QA and testing. When we receive your files or URL, we ensure that the graphics, icons, fonts,scripts and the overall layout of the UI is correct and up to standards according to your guidelines.

From a translated brochure to landing page, our QA team will thoroughly check for any inaccuracies and errors. We will provide you

with  a report outlining any changes required.

Testing Using Your User Story

To be able to fully QA a platform or website, on its diverse scenarios, you need to follow through different sequences. Our QA testers will follow your User Story and test cases to a T to make sure that all elements in your UI are precise and free of errors. We’ll check elements like button texts, warning and error messages, banner wording and other linguistic factors that might tamper with your design.

Attention to detail is a crucial skill in quality assurance”

“We QA the translation and design to ensure high standards”

Graphic Design

After the QA, our designers are more than happy to make any necessary adjustments for you. You don’t have to worry about fixing the layout of  your design. We’ve got the skilled personal to make sure clients receive a high-quality, end-product that’s error-free and exceeds expectations.


Without QA, you risk releasing products that are
below standards. Secondly, you waste time and ultimately, money.

What Do we QA?

• Leaflets            • Brochures
• Mailers     • Landing pages
• Web pages        • Banners
• Trading & Gaming platforms