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Pangea helps repair and rebuild your damaged reputation online. Whether your business has negative reviews in forums or unfavorable descriptions in Google, our reputation management specialists will aim to bury those negative search results by replacing them with positive content that reflects your desired image – in any language.

Your online reputation affects your entire business. Prospects, customers and clients will most often base their opinion on your services after reading a blog, review, forum post, Tweet or Facebook update. If your business is badly reputed, you can turn to Pangea whose ORM services will correct and control any inaccuracies.

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“Google yourself. What do you see? Are you accurately represented?”

Giving Your Business an Online Makeover

A bad reputation isn’t forever. Pangea’s business reputation management
team will change the public’s opinion by writing positive articles
, blog posts, reviews or forum posts which will help clean up search results, outrank negative content and ultimately improve online reviews and ratings. Whichever language you need, we’ve got a pool of native writers who can produce positive content for you. Learn about our costs by getting in touch!


When looking for a business, 97%
of people read online reviews.
What is YOUR online reputation?

Source: Reputation Defender

“Use our online reputation marketing services to build a 5-Star reputation”


What Content Do We Translate and Localize?

• Remove Negative Content

• Push Negatives Down

• Repair Online Reviews

• Improve Star-Ratings

Search-Engine Optimization

What’s Involved in ORM?

• SEO    • Blogs   • Repair    • Forums

• Ratings           • Content     Creation

• Reputation protection     • Reviews

• Review management • Suppression

“Our online brand reputation management services can re-shape your public persona”



The secret to ORM  is  aggressively  publishing
new content about your brand such as reviews,
testimonials   &  social  posts    to   rank   more
positively in search engines.