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Pangea Localization Services

Pangea’s on-site design team is dedicated to creating strong localized design and visuals in any language you need. We have the artistic and creative skills to communicate a brand’s message and value through a design that’s tailored for all cultures and locales.

Text isn’t the only element that speaks to your customers when they visit your website. Most of the time, visuals speak louder than words. Each market and country has a different lifestyle and culture. If
you want your brand to go global, make sure that
the imagery, colors, and layouts resonates to their customs and ideals.
With effective brand localization and tailored
design, your brand can engage overseas audiences.

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We’re Sensitive to Colors, too!

Color preferences vary widely between cultures.
When internationalizing your website, image or banner, our graphic design experts make sure to use colors that closely align with the ideals of a specific market. Different colors demonstrate different meanings in each respective culture.
We will tweak your imagery content for global markets, by using colors that fit their expectations whilst maintaining brand consistency.


The first gold iPhone was released
mainly because Chinese consumers like the colour gold.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

We Adapt & Adjust Fonts to Beautify and Localize Your Content

We specialize in localization design, down to the finest visual detail. Our designers consider font size, weight and layout adaptions when it comes to a translated PDF, manual, or leaflet. The Desktop Publishers at Pangea will make sure that they adjust the fonts and scripts accordingly and immaculately, ensuring you of a perfectly localized design. Learn more about our DTP service!

Did you know that up to 35% text expansion is needed when translating from English to other languages? We bear in mind how your target language will affect the design. For example, our designers will ensure that there’s enough “white space” for translators to add or expand words.

Certain languages like Arabic have scripts that are written from right to left. This requires huge design changes if you’re translating from a left to right language. Our designers have the skills to adjust or change the layout and format of your design which usually needs to be flipped or reversed. We provide a user interface and experience that’s designed for the market’s cultural trends.

Our Designers Get Down to Detail

Our Designers Get Down to Detail

Our localization experts will not only make sure that the right imagery and font is used, they will also consider the finer details like numeric, date formats and currency – factors that are region specific.

• Dates: Month, day, year vs. day, month, year

• Time: 12-hour vs. 24-hour time.

• Currencies: Conversions and display formats

• Phone Numbers: Formats vary by country

What’s Involved?

What’s Involved?

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Sketch
• Color Information
• Preferred Fonts
• Design Specifications
• WordPress
• Export or Save Settings
• Style Guide

What do we Localize?

From a full website design to a logo creation, we help you expand into new international markets by staying consistent with local norms.                          We offer design localization services in:

• Website Design
• Logo Creation
• Banner Design
• Landing Page Design
• Leaflet and Brochure Design


44% of internet users will immediately reject an English – only website

We Make the Design Process Simpler



Don’t  end  up  with  a  localization mistake!
Pangea’s  designers  work  with  a variety of
cultures  and  languages   –   that  way,  you
avoid political, cultural or religious offenses.

Did You Know?

38% of users will stop engaging with a website
if the content/layout is unattractive.