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Preparing your Initial Coin Offering? It’s time to attract influencers and investors from all-around. At Pangea, we create crystal clear content that catches the attention of ICO investors. Our ICO translation services help start-ups create appeal on a worldwide scale, in various languages.

Cryptocurrencies have exploded onto the financial scene quicker than any other asset in the world. Many international brokers and companies have jumped on the crypto bandwagon, making sure to offer the exciting digital asset as a trading instrument while ICOs around the world are using these virtual coins as a means to fundraise start-up companies.

From start-ups in Germany to new set-ups in Japan, ICOs are quickly transforming into a global phenomenon which are soon to become the future of investing.

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ICOs are Popping Up all Over the World

Behind the scenes of your favorite cryptocurrencies is a world of startups, also known as ICOs, working to change the investment and financial world forever. Initial Coin Offerings are on the rise globally, being used by hundreds of investors overseas. We work to promote your ICO by translating or writing engaging, shareable, content that will attract investors. Our linguists translate ICO whitepapers, promotional content and even websites.

We’re Crypto-Crazy Like Your Traders

Pangea was one of the first to jump on the virtual currency bandwagon. From knowing the industry’s lingo to the ins and outs of ICOs, our linguists and writers are cryptocurrency experts and ICO gurus – they know what it takes to succeed when it comes to building a global localization strategy and making sure your message reaches and engages multilingual investors.

Like Blockchain Technology, our Content Creates New Global Connections

Investing in translation and localization to support your ICO or cryptocurrency business is a priority, especially if you want to beat the competition and take full advantage of global opportunities. Make sure your ICO is offered in various languages so you can start building international online connections faster than the Blockchain network.


From April to June 2017, ICOs raised more than €276 million.

4 out of the 6 largest ICOs were hosted in Switzerland.

Source: MarketWatch & PWC

“Cryptocurrencies can be sent anywhere in the world, almost instantaneously. Is your ICO or Crypto broker equally as global?”

Our ICO World

The ICO revolution continues to spread throughout the world.

Here are just a few of the countries where ICOs are allowed…

* Subject to future regulations

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“Cryptocurrencies have no geographical limits. Neither does its content”

Translation, Localization & Copywriting Services in:

• ICO & Crypto Websites
• ICO & Crypto Articles & Blog Posts
• Reviews & Forum Posts
• Landing Page, Banners & More Marketing Copy
• Whitepaper Translation
• Bitcoin Analysis
• Trading Platforms
• Financial Reports

Did You Know?

Japan is the world’s largest Bitcoin market accounting for over 50% of all Bitcoin trades. Is your website content offered in Japanese, too?

You could be missing out on traffic from more than half of the world’s crypto traders.