Linguistic QA

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Pangea puts quality first. Throughout every step of our translation process, we make sure that quality, accuracy, and completeness is up to standards. Our Linguistic QA services involve having our proofreaders, editors, and/or reviewers measure and evaluate the final result of your project, ensuring that it meets your linguistic, contextual, and cultural needs.

Whether it is an official document, eLearning content, or an iGaming mailer, your material will be reviewed to maintain the highest standards of quality, so that both you and ourselves are pleased with the result.

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Why Linguistic QA is Important

• Eliminates any possibility of errors or inaccuracies
• Ensures translation is a perfect rendition of source text
• Makes sure translation communicates to the target locale
• Guarantees accurate use of words and phrases
• Correctly communicates your intended message
• Receives positive feedback for quality result

What do we QA?

• Articles
• Documents
• Mailers
• Landing Pages
• Presentations
• Leaflets
• Brochures
• Much more!


Pangea’s team will compare the source and target text to make sure they are parallel and according to your instructions.

Linguistic QA Services – What it Involves

We employ efficient and valuable linguistic QA practices to avoid errors and quality issues in your translation. Our proofreaders or reviewers will be assigned to your project once its complete to ensure the accuracy and quality of:

• Punctuation • Terminology • Glossary & style guide compliance • Tense & tone of voice • Formatting
• Omissions • Untranslatable terminology • Context and cultural accuracy • Industry accuracy

“We fine-tune the finished project so it’s not just accurate and of quality — but most importantly, remarkable.”



Linguistic QA is always a good idea! It ensures
that  your content successfully resonates with
the  local  market  and  reflects  your  brand’s
unique voice.