Video Game Translation for a Gamified World

Let the Whole World Play Your Video Game!

Ready to play the big game? We are. We also have what it takes to make it soar across borders. Whether it’s PC-based or a sleek mobile app, our UI/UX video game translation experts will take it to the next level. 

According to Statista, the global video game market value is poised to surpass the $200 billion mark by 2023. Want to take a bite of this? 

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    Achieve more with video game translation

    Setting foot in a new market is not a game. We know it better than anyone. That’s why, our video game localization experts don’t play games, and if we do, we do it for you. Put your video game in the best hands and be the hero of your own story.

    To the moon and back

    Feeling lost in translation? Don’t. Our translation & localization cavalry is on a rescue mission. So, get your game on because our 540+ linguists, copywriters, trans-creators, and passionate gamers are on the move. And they move fast, no matter how tight your deadlines are.

    We are born storytellers

    When it comes to telling a story, we always find the right words to get it across in 70+ languages, including gamers’ favourite – German, Chinese Simplified, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian and Korean. We’re also native speakers of all these languages plus English.

    We have what it takes…

    To put you on the map. Combining 15+ years of gaming expertise with state-of-the-art translation tools , Pangea Global is your all-in-one gaming translation and localization base. Thanks to our advanced Translation Management System consisting of a bundle of XML, XTM, and XLIFF solutions plus Desktop Publishing , we guarantee high-speed quality localization services at scale.

    The cherry on top

    What’s more, we add a human touch to everything. Once we join all the dots regarding project delivery, our dedicated project and account managers will liaise with your Operations and Content teams to ensure we are on the same page.

    Global Games Market Revenue Worldwide 2021


    Translation, Localization & Copywriting Services in:

    • PC games

    • Console game (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii etc.)

    • Mobile/application games

    • Game scripts

    • User manuals

    • Websites

    • Strategy guides


    47% of all consumer spend on games come from the  Asia-Pacific region. These countries include China and Japan.


    “We polish your game until perfect for multilingual audiences”


    #1  ENGLISH

    #2  JAPANESE

    #3  KOREAN

    #4  CHINESE

    #5  GERMAN

    #6  FRENCH


    #8  SPANISH

    #9  ITALIAN

    #10 MALAY


    “Your game will resonate and captivate multilingual players across the globe”



    Test the waters by localizing your
    app store description first.
    This way you can test your game
    in  a  new  market.  If  you  see  a
    positive effect, go ahead with the
    full game translation!