SEO & Blog Management

At Pangea, we know SEO like the back of our palms. From articles to web-page text, our SEO-trained writers will optimize your content in many languages so that it thrives in search engines. That’s not all. We also offer blog management services in the form of originally written, engaging content on a daily or weekly basis, in any language you require.

Whether you’re a forex or gaming company, all online businesses should invest in blog management and SEO services. Search engine optimization will attract and convert customers while regular blog posts will keep potential and existing ones interested in what you have to say.

Unique Blog Posts your Visitors will Love to Read

Make sure your company’s voice is heard on a global scale by publishing regular blog posts on your website.                                                                    Pangea’s well-seasoned writers are masters of the iGaming and trading world, experienced in creating targeted, personalized, and localized blogs. We’ll brainstorm your blog posts and devise engaging and gripping content whilst maintaining a consistent voice for your brand. Whether you need them daily, weekly or monthly, talk to us and we’ll work out a deal.


81% consider their blogs to be an integral asset to their business.

31% of consumers rely on blogs to form their opinions about a potential purchase.

Source: SearchEngingeJournal & SocialMediaExaminer

“SEO is an essential aspect of any online operation”

Keeping you Ahead of the Game with Multilingual SEO Copywriting

Our SEO content specialists effortlessly incorporate the most important keywords into your text. No matter your language or niche, we keep you ahead of the competition by producing engaging, edgy content that is optimized for search engines like Google.

Want your website to serve multiple locations? Our multilingual SEO and copywriting services will ensure that your brand is visible, ranks highly  in international search engines and ultimately drives traffic and encourages conversions.


“When you add another language to your website, you are in effect, creating a site that is separate from your current one.
Google sees these sites as separate and not as duplicate or cloaked content”

What’s Involved ?

• Blogging strategy

• Title brainstorming

• Unique content
• Market Research

• Keywords

• AdWords


• Local SEO

• Optimization
• Meta Data

• Organic

• Inbound/Outbound links

10 Reasons why SEO is Worth It

• Attract targeted audiences

• Increase in traffic

• Heightened conversion rates

• Build brand credibility

• Better ROI

• Improved search engine rankings

• Cost-effective marketing

• Increased site usability

• Explore new markets

• Bypass competition

Did You Know?

81% of B2B purchases begin with a web search.

Improving SEO and organic presence was the priority for 66% of marketers in 2017.

Source: SEO Direct & PageTrafficBuzz