Marketing & Copywriting

Pangea Localization Services helps companies establish a positive, global brand impression by writing original copy and marketing material, ranging from mailers to landing page content. Produced in all languages, our professional copywriters are local experts  in various industries promising to deliver brand-boosting content that is creative, high-quality and SEO-optimized when required.


Website Content

Put your project in the hands of local experts by using our website copywriting services. Pangea has a team of professional copywriters in all languages, ready to put their marketing and SEO skills to use.

We’ll provide you with web content that is unique, valuable and true to your brand.


From powerful and original subject lines that escape the spam trap to carefully calibrated copy and CTAs that speak directly to different customer segments, our newsletter content is proven to deliver

sky-high open and click-through rates.

Banners & Landing Pages

Our copywriters and designers collaborate closely with your people to create effective, high-converting copy and design for campaigns in multiple languages, paying close attention to the exact length of the copy for each local version.

Slogans & Taglines

Pangea’s writing-pros are experts at devising unique, high-impact corporate slogans that convey your brand values and USPs to your core audience and which can be readily translated into multiple languages.

PR & Sponsored Content

Our proficient writers provide concise, impactful and intelligent PR copy, including highly polished company descriptions, according to your precise requirements.

Articles & Blog Posts

In-depth articles and blog-posts for top publications across a wide range of industries are at the core of what we do. Tell us what you need and we’ll quickly turn around intelligent, well-researched content that meets your requirements.

Website & Affiliate Reviews

Unique, authentic reviews are essential for making your company stand out from the crowd.

Our content creators know how to communicate your unique strengths, special offers, and brand values to potential customers who are directly comparing your offering with your rivals.

Social Media

Engaging, sharable, content is essential when it comes to growing your social networks. Our social media specialists monitor your site, your industry and your competitors to make sure that your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts stay at the cutting edge of your sector.

Why Marketing Copy Matters:

• Improves SEO ranking

• Increase brand visibility & awareness

• Attract new clients & retain current ones

• Create loyalty & trust

• Build authority, credibility & value

• Demonstrates expertise in your industry


Well-written and valuable

marketing copy in various

languages won’t just help
you climb the SEO ranking

ladder, it also helps you

establish a strong international

presence and increases ROI.


Any edits you require will be dealt with

in next to no time and are all part of the

service. All clients have one free

round of edits whether it’s a translation or

a  copywriting  job.

What’s Involved in Marketing and Copywriting?

• SEO, • Sales, • Advertisements,

• Mailers, • Promotion, • Content,

• Engagement, • Conversions,

• Taglines, • Customer-Focused,

• Call to Action, • ORM


If you plan on reaching global audiences, you need to make sure that your marketing copy is adapted to local cultures. Pangea can write your content from scratch so that it is available in your audience’s native language.


We check the precise meaning and

cultural relevance of key copy with all

our translators to ensure that you’ll

never experience an embarrassing 

 ‘translation fail’